St. Louis Style Ribs BBQ Competition Grilling Pack

St. Louis Style Ribs BBQ Competition Grilling Pack



This Competition BBQ pack includes:

(8) Racks of St. Louis Style Ribs

This product is ready for competition with membrane ON and skirt off. They are shipped frozen and are Indiv-Cry-o-Vac sealed.

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Compart Duroc’s “All Natural”, mouthwatering pork ribs have a rich and juicy flavor that can assist you in becoming number one at the next BBQ Competition. Our ribs are fresh, lean and finely cut. They will be some of the most delicious ribs you will ever taste. The combination of superior Compart Duroc mouthwatering flavor and the art of great cutting, is the new secret ingredient in your old family recipe!

8 Racks of Compart Duroc St Louis Style Ribs: 2.7-3.3 lb. each. Membrane ON. Skirt off. Ready for Competitions. Meat is shipped frozen.