Sweet Swine O’ Mine

Competition Packs

Compart Family Farms is proud to support Sweet Swine ‘O Mine at competitions around the nation. Sweet Swine ‘O Mine Distributing has backwoods smokers, rub, sauce, custom catering and competition trailers, and even high capacity coolers for you whole hog cookers out there. If you’re into BBQ we’ve got the stuff for you! Learn More

2016 results:

*San Juan KCBS contest in Puerto Rico. Cooked with Bob File and Kevin Roth for a 4th rib and 16th overall

*Reserve Grand Championship while cooking with Team Compart Member Patrick Banks in Omaha,NE

*Reserve Grand at Goat Day’s KCBS in Millington, TN

*4th in whole hog at the MBN sanctioned Praise the Lard Contest in Murphysboro, IL

*1st in ribs and pork to win Grand at Hog Wild KCBS in Corinth, MS

*4th place hog at the MBN sanctioned Cleveland Octoberfest

*6th overall and 5th place pork while cooking with Team Compart Member Patrick Banks at the World Championship of BBQ in Orange Beach, AL

*2nd in ribs, 4th in hog, and 5th in shoulders at the MBN sanctioned Fall Fest in Arlington, TN

Check out the Sweet Swine ‘O Mine intro video and get a feel for who we are.