Compart Duroc promises an all natural, mouthwatering, rich flavored pork with superior tenderness and natural juiciness. Bright reddish pink in color, Compart Duroc pork contains a higher percentage of intramuscular fat and a higher pH. This selection of pork enables you to enjoy fresh pork in its natural flavor and juice, without injecting or pumping for an amazing dining experience.

BBQ Teams Testimonials

The epicenter of BBQ is moving. It used to be, if you wanted “real barbeque”, you’d have to travel to Texas, Kansas City, the Carolinas or Memphis. Relative newcomers from Ohio, New York, California, Arizona and others are bringing championship-quality and creative items to the art and craft of barbeque right into the backyards of major cities across the US. BBQ is becoming a competitive sport in backyards all across the country! #NationalBBQMonth ... See MoreSee Less

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Congratulations to all the Teams for a very successful Memphis in May for Compart Family Farms! ... See MoreSee Less

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Exciting times ahead for Compart Duroc at Memphis in May in Memphis, Tennessee! Good luck to all the Compart Duroc Teams in the national World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest!
Go Team Compart!
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