Compart Duroc promises an all natural, mouthwatering, rich flavored pork with superior tenderness and natural juiciness. Bright reddish pink in color, Compart Duroc pork contains a higher percentage of intramuscular fat and a higher pH. This selection of pork enables you to enjoy fresh pork in its natural flavor and juice, without injecting or pumping for an amazing dining experience.

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Friday Fun Facts: At Compart Family Farms we have perfected the science of raising the perfect tasting pork. That's right. We cracked to code and discovered the answer. It's Bacon! #SmartScience #GoodEats ... See MoreSee Less

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It's not too late to try a bacon wrapped turkey this Thanksgiving! #CompartDuroc Applewood Smoked Bacon will take your traditional turkey up a notch or two! ... See MoreSee Less

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