Compart Duroc Dry Aged Pork® Ribeye Chop Pack



This grilling pack includes:

(14) 12 oz Dry Aged Pork® Ribeye Chops

This product is shipped frozen and will arrive partially thawed to thawed. They are Indiv Cry-o-Vac sealed.

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Compart Duroc’s “All Natural”, mouthwatering quality pork is perfect for barbecuing and grilling. The first bite of our lean, Dry Aged Pork® Ribeye  chops might remind you of your favorite steakhouse, tender and juicy. Compart Duroc pork chops’ unique steak-like fat marbling makes it possible to maintain perfect moisture content after dry-aging. This is revolutionary to the pork industry. The combination of superior Compart Duroc mouthwatering flavor and the art of great cutting, is the new secret ingredient in your old family recipe!

(14) 12 ounce Dry Aged Pork® Ribeye chops individually cry-o-vac sealed, shipped frozen. Will arrive partially thawed to thawed.