Compart Duroc Competition BBQ Pork Butts

Compart Duroc Competition BBQ Pork Butts



You can now purchase Competition BBQ pork butts in quantities from 1 butt – 3 butts!

The meat is shipped frozen and are individual cry-o-vac sealed.

If the item is on “backorder”, orders will be filled as product becomes available.

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Compart Duroc’s “All Natural”, mouthwatering pork butts are known for superior tenderness and juiciness. They have a rich flavor that can assist you in becoming number one at the next BBQ Competition. The combination of superior Compart Duroc mouthwatering flavor and the art of great cutting, is the new secret ingredient in your old family recipe!

Each individual butt has approx. 1/4″ trim (approx. 8-9# each, individual cry-o-vac sealed). Meat is shipped frozen.