Premium Compart Duroc Gift Box

Premium Compart Duroc Gift Box



This gift box includes:

(1) 5-Rib Frenched Pork Rack

(1) Quarter Pit Ham

(1) Applewood Smoked Bacon Brick

(1) Boneless Loin

(1) Tenderloin

All products are shipped frozen and are Indiv Cry-o-Vac sealed.

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The Compart Duroc “All Natural” Premium gift box includes the perfect meats for any holiday event! Premium Compart Duroc boneless country pit hams bring the taste of good old fashioned flavor to your holiday dinner table. Paired with Compart Duroc’s elegant 5-rib Frenched pork rack, lean and thick Applewood smoked bacon, a fine boneless loin, and a tenderloin, your holiday table will be dressed with delicious, mouthwatering pork your guests will be talking about for years to come. All Compart Duroc premium products are easy to cook, and their natural marbling and firmness make them rich and flavorful. They are simply, naturally delicious. Order for your next holiday!

(1) 3.30 lb. 5 Rib Frenched Pork Rack; (1) 2.60 lb. Quarter Hickory Smoked Pit Ham; (1) 1 lb. brick of sliced Applewood Smoked Bacon; (1) 2.40 lb. Boneless Loin; (1) 2.0 lb. Tenderloin Twin Pack.