Compart Duroc French Cut Pork Rack

Compart Duroc French Cut Pork Rack



This includes:

(1) 10-Rib Frenched Pork Rack

This product is shipped frozen and is individual cry-o-vac sealed.

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Premium Compart Duroc’s “All Natural” Frenched pork tenderloin is our finest cut of pork. Our tenderloins boost rich flavor and juices, are bright reddish pink in color and contain a higher degree of natural marbling. It’s the filet mignon of pork. The combination of superior Compart Duroc mouthwatering flavor and the art of elite cutting of tenderloins is the new secret ingredient in your old family recipe!

(1) approx. 6.3 lb., 10 rib French Cut Pork Roast. Cry-o-vac sealed and shipped frozen.