Tailgater Compart Duroc Pork Box



This “Tailgater” box includes:

(2) packages of Pork Burgers

(3) packages of Bratwursts

(2) packages of Natural Skinless Wieners

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The Compart Duroc “Tailgater” box includes the perfect meats for any event! All Compart Duroc premium products are easy to cook, and their natural marbling and firmness make them rich and flavorful. They are simply, naturally delicious. Order now!

(2) packages of Pork Burgers (each package contains 5 burgers and each burger is 1/3 lb), (3) packages of Bratwursts (each package contains 4 brats), (2) packages of Natural Skinless Wieners (each package contains 4 wieners)